NSFW video about who did the wrong thing in this election..

Listen in, but note, some stuff was mentioned already, such as the fact that Trump-supporters were bullied into quietness, PC big.. .. but still voted..


People – get a life..

What kind of mother is so involved in her world perception and the Democratic plantation mentality  that she punishes her kid for a mock vote .. rather than understanding her kid’s motivation..   pure disgust..

Well, while the video has been taken down, there is still the link..




The rare time the press gets it..

but only in an opinion piece.. where it would be soo easy to check on facts to support what is voiced here..

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that, with a few exceptions, we were all tacitly or explicitly #WithHer, which has led to a certain anguish in the face of Donald Trump’s victory.

Yes, finally one admits that the press was seriously biased towards a democratic politician..

But much of that starts from the assumption that Trump voters are backward, and that it’s our duty to catalogue and ultimately reverse that backwardness. What can we do to get these people to stop worshiping their false god and accept our gospel?

Right again – instead of applying some logic, researching facts, it’s just proselyting…

You’d think that Trump’s victory – the one we all discounted too far in advance – would lead to a certain newfound humility in the political press. But of course that’s not how it works. To us, speaking broadly, our diagnosis was still basically correct. The demons were just stronger than we realized.

Unfortunately this seems to be the case. Instead of seeing the splinter in the journalism eye, they search for the wood beam in the “hillbilly” eyes..

It’s similar to how media Twitter works, a system where people who dissent from the proper framing of a story are attacked by mobs of smugly incredulous pundits. Journalists exist primarily in a world where people can get shouted down and disappear, which informs our attitudes toward all disagreement.

And there is the reason why many conservatives and libertarian people have given up on Twitter..

But there might be hope, since once one sees the error of his way, he/she can change..

Conservatives accept an outcome, socialists turn violent..

Good morning,

I know some readers feel not so good about HC losing but as I said, much better solution than the known crook, who would have a free reign.. everybody will watch HIM!

A message emblazoned on the homepage of the ACLU’s website read “See you in court” next to Trump’s photo, with a “Donate” button underneath.

The ACLU warned Trump that it will be “eternally vigilant every day of your presidency” and will “never waver” from protecting Americans’ Constitutional rights.

I wish the ACLU would feel as adamant about the 2nd Amendment, too..

Also dear reader, not one media outlet takes note of conservative violence (that is because conservatives accept the result of a process) which anyway did not happen when Obama won in 2008 and 2012. Despite many conservatives knowing what “horror they would face”. Nobody was out on the street, there were no protests or similar defacing/destruction of property by the “right”,  but now.. the left.. talking about violence and “accepting the democratic process.”


‘Kill ‘Em All:’ Trump Haters Lash Out At University Of Michigan After Election [VIDEO]


just 5 minutes of copying links.. and it could go on for ever..     There is a reason it was laughable when media said that they fear a “violent backlash” from the conservative side if DT loses..

Why are you sad..

So, a female hack and establishment person has lost the race..

are you racist for weeping that it was a woman?? Sure not,..

And the record she has.. ??


not to talk about the fact that she’s walking over women in any way possible opposed to Trump, who at least pays women staffers better than HC or current president…

Let’s hope the media and politicians learn from this..



What does (it) matter?

A line by now famous, the “what does it matter” should be applied to the many facets of ignoring the facts for “trumping” up phony stories.. (sorry, but could not resist..). Here are some random examples.. lot of links to read..

The Libertarian party is gonewelcome to the Democrats’ plantation. Almost all the principles the Libertarians were standing for are gone, too..

Gaffes are more important than actual facts or plans.. for the Libertarian party, for the Democrats, and for the Republicans.

Despite having had eight years of war mongering, destabilization of the Middle East and empowering the opponents of the US by the current administration, the inadept war hawk president wanabe Hillary is not called to it.. the Libyans could comment,.. or the Syrians, or the Israelis, … or just wiki…

the aftermath of the world-wide “Great Recession” of 2008 and the ensuing Eurozone crisis; the P5+1 dialogue with Iran; the widespread Arab Spring protests that toppled numerous governments in the Middle East and precipitated civil wars in Libya and Syria; the opening of new fronts in the “War on Terror” such as Mali and Yemen, and the growing and controversial role of drone aircraft in the conflict; attempts to negotiate free trade agreements in the Trans-Pacific and Transatlantic areas; the mass unauthorized publication of classified documents by WikiLeaks, as well as Edward Snowden‘s revelations of extensive government surveillance; the Russian invasion of Ukraine; and the return of US Forces to Iraq.

All this mess not her fault, or the presidents.. can’t be!

Tax-returns are “trumping” – see, I did it again..- 1000s of classified e-mails, which are read by 5 foreign governments and have been confidential – and department policies and laws were purposely violated.. but let’s attack the publisher (wikileaks) rather than the creator of these circumstances..

Violence from the right.. while we now find that violence is incited from the left, by agitators (see you tube) and most damage reported is to right leaning people (by left leaning “protestors”) – go to BING and search..





Scott Adams expresses very well what I think

given that this election cycle is more of a spin cycle on both candidates, it comes as no surprise that rational arguments don’t help. In most cases the disgusting representation of Trump wins of the more serious policy failures of Clinton. Add that facts don’t count.. simple example is that a woman protecting her husband from female accusers and a out-of-court settlement of 850k $ is less weighted than suddenly found accusers of harassment, who by the way should be asked why they never tried to shake down the Trump-machine (and who will disappear from the spin-cycle once election is over). What counts more – the rational weighting of facts OR the impression build by a quite single-minded media-front ?

Anyhow, similarly the media seem to think that one side will be rebellious when losing, but if we just look at the facts on the ground, it’s not the side the media say it will be.. and Scott Adams does express this very nicely.

If you have a Trump sign in your lawn, they will steal it.

If you have a Trump bumper sticker, they will deface your car.

if you speak of Trump at work you could get fired.

On social media, almost every message I get from a Clinton supporter is a bullying type of message. They insult. They try to shame. They label. And obviously they threaten my livelihood.

We know from Project Veritas that Clinton supporters tried to incite violence at Trump rallies. The media downplays it.

We also know Clinton’s side hired paid trolls to bully online.

Go and read the rest. It’s worth it and this blog will still be there.