A summary of why the president should be placed in prison..

• He threw cold water on an uprising against the regime (1) in 2009, in stark contrast to his avid support for the revolution in a neighboring state (2) that replaced  an U.S. ally (3) with our vehement enemy the Muslim Brotherhood.

• He illegally sent the extremist muslims pallets of cash as a reward for kidnapping Americans.

• His nuclear deal with (1)  was a farce that freed up $150 billion for (1) to spend on its terror war against the West. It didn’t do squiddly-didts to capabilities of (1) to pursue ballistic rocket technology further nor did it in the least delay or stop the nuclear capabilities – if – it did accelerate them..

• He allowed the terror group Hezbollah to smuggle cocaine into the USA at the request of (1)    The total of US- citizens directly harmed just by this action by his policies goes by now surely in the thousands..

• While brazenly lying to the public about it, he tried to get U.S. banks to launder money for (1) in violation of sanctions.

• His administration secretly assured European countries that there would be no consequences if they violated sanctions too.

Robert Spencer is correct when he writes, “In a sane political environment, the 44th president would be tried for treason.” After all, Iran has been at war with the USA since 1979; this war has claimed numerous American casualties through the years.  The admission that Iran facilitated 9/11 provides context for Barack Obama’s pandering to America’s most vociferous enemy, which he took to perfidious extremes.   Now Iranian officials admit that Iran facilitated 9/11 by assisting al Qaeda.  The 9/11 Commission had already concluded that Iran helped bring about the deadliest terror attack in U.S. history.

(1) Iran  (2) Egypt  (3) Hosni Mubarak

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Both parties doing their best to disturb..

actually I think this cartoon is very true to real life.. while the circumstances have turned out beneficial to Trump, clearly his characteristic behavior has contributed to finally getting North Korea to the table (again). It is still to be seen how much really comes out of it. However, this is a much better, faster start to denuclearize NK compared to previous attempts AND compared to the failed attempt by 44th with Iran.


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A trend imported?

Seems that the Ohio University car-knife attack is a copy cat from the “knife intifada” the Palestinensiens conduct on Israel..  as a side note, Ohio does not allow campus-concealed carry and the only person effectively able to fight back was the luckily on-site police officer.

The good news is then it seems that the average joe has actually not the means to get a firearm illegally…   and that firearms in the hands of good people solve such problem ..

But also it shows that terrorism can not be stopped and people will find ways to inflict injury and death..

Go and learn a skill and get legal with itInstructors are found here..



Turkey – a “puppet show” coup attempt, not a serious revolution..

Just a thought for all that you read about the Turkish revolution right now.. the democratic ballot box has placed a dictator like person in charge of a secular oriented country. Sadly this event can and should not be changed by other means, regardless of how bad it goes. But here’s some thought about what really went down..

Search for who benefits from the action and you have only two solutions to this debacle:

  • Some dilettantes were way over their skill level (and that seems strange given that highest echelon military people do have recent experience how to stage a coup successfully..)
  • Some very skilled player ran out of legal options to destruct a secular democracy and needed a reason.. (a way more interesting and – looking at the future results – realistic solution).

Turkey is for quite a while already a visible example how an electorate can vote in people who then actively destroy and defunct the functioning elements of the democratic state, creating a religiously-leaning state structure. Watch the news for who will be jailed, where will political opposition groups end and what further political leanings will Turkey take (hint: they already seem to try and disable the ISIS bombing runs from the local US – bases).

To quote a retired US general William Fallon:

a tremendous dilemma for the [Obama] administration because here we go again with another country that has an elected president being tossed out by the military, no matter that he has become increasingly autocratic and problematic.



Anything will do… in France it was a truck

The French have suffered another horrific attack. 77 people dead, up to 100 injured. More might follow once details are known, but I am not posting pictures. You probably will find these anywhere on the net. But I would like to point out some details:

  • The attack was conducted using a low velocity, high weight “bullet” – a truck (unarmored!)
  • Nobody can do anything against a truck other than run out of the way.
  • But there are cases where truck-attacks were stopped by a high velocity, low weight “bullet”.. for example here. Or in Israel, where citizen carry stopped the attack of a bulldozer on a bus.. or similarly here.
  • Crowded places with little escape routes are preferred targets..
  • Creativity and simplicity are a hallmark of these attacks.

Please, if you have to go into crowded places, be aware of your surroundings.



84 people died. My condolences to all affected.