Safety pin? Why not a lapel pin..

So, generally speaking, I would reject anything Debbie Wasserman Schultz is involved in.. therefore this is in my mind stupid..

They really should use this .. if they want to promote unity and get people together in AMERICA..


But even worse.. currently the violence and property damage is done by the very same people, who would vote for the DNC-staff in a heart beat.. so where are the Harry Reids and Debbie WSs to denounce the violence and to accept the results.

A 58 percent majority of Clinton supporters say they accept Trump’s election, while 33 percent do not. Questions about Trump’s victory are passionate – 27 percent of Clinton supporters feel “strongly” he did not win legitimately.

And to add insult to (self-inflicted) injury, most of these protesters have not voted..

Over 70 percent of the 112 anti-Trump protesters recently arrested during demonstrations in Portland to contest the election results did not cast their ballots for anyone, NBC affiliate KGW Portland reported Tuesday.

Obviously these peopleĀ  don’t understand the boxes

Image result for four boxes

(neither do they accept the results..) nor do they understand the concept of pins..

Anything will do… in France it was a truck

The French have suffered another horrific attack. 77 people dead, up to 100 injured. More might follow once details are known, but I am not posting pictures. You probably will find these anywhere on the net. But I would like to point out some details:

  • The attack was conducted using a low velocity, high weight “bullet” – a truck (unarmored!)
  • Nobody can do anything against a truck other than run out of the way.
  • But there are cases where truck-attacks were stopped by a high velocity, low weight “bullet”.. for example here. Or in Israel, where citizen carry stopped the attack of a bulldozer on a bus.. or similarly here.
  • Crowded places with little escape routes are preferred targets..
  • Creativity and simplicity are a hallmark of these attacks.

Please, if you have to go into crowded places, be aware of your surroundings.



84 people died. My condolences to all affected.