Conservatives accept an outcome, socialists turn violent..

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I know some readers feel not so good about HC losing but as I said, much better solution than the known crook, who would have a free reign.. everybody will watch HIM!

A message emblazoned on the homepage of the ACLU’s website read “See you in court” next to Trump’s photo, with a “Donate” button underneath.

The ACLU warned Trump that it will be “eternally vigilant every day of your presidency” and will “never waver” from protecting Americans’ Constitutional rights.

I wish the ACLU would feel as adamant about the 2nd Amendment, too..

Also dear reader, not one media outlet takes note of conservative violence (that is because conservatives accept the result of a process) which anyway did not happen when Obama won in 2008 and 2012. Despite many conservatives knowing what “horror they would face”. Nobody was out on the street, there were no protests or similar defacing/destruction of property by the “right”,  but now.. the left.. talking about violence and “accepting the democratic process.”

‘Kill ‘Em All:’ Trump Haters Lash Out At University Of Michigan After Election [VIDEO]

just 5 minutes of copying links.. and it could go on for ever..     There is a reason it was laughable when media said that they fear a “violent backlash” from the conservative side if DT loses..


Another police shooting,… another gangsta gone..

Milwaukee.. a 23 year old with a history of firearms crime was stopped by a black police man, made a bee-line and pointed a gun at the officer.. and got fatally shot.


The two sisters of the deceased request the riots to stop, since it destroys their (neighbor) hood..

Crickets from the media regarding that request… but big in making another victim..


2 years ago a lie was born..

A 6ft 4 inch teen stole cigars in a shop, assaulted the shop keeper when challenged and walked away. A police officer unknowingly observed the thug and his friend walking down the street hindering traffic and asked them to move to the side. Realizing that he has a potential suspect from a robbery 20 minutes ago, he stopped the tall teen, who then proceeded to grab into the police car, beating the officer with one hand and grabbing the officers side arm with the other hand. During the almost minute long struggle two shots are fired into the car, the teen lets finally go and runs from the car, the officer (doing his job despite the beating he received) exits the car and runs behind, threatening to shoot. The teen turns, challenges the officer verbally and charges – shots are fired but this time aimed. The teen stops, charges again and the officer shoots again.

By all records the officer not only did the right thing at any time, but as well showed restraint, since one shots till the treat stops, i.e. the officer shot when first charged and stopped when the teen stopped. He shot again when the teen charged again and stopped when the aggressor went down.

But what do the media have to say on the two year anniversary of this event..


Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was shot and killed by a police officer two years ago

While there are questionable police shootings, the highly hyped incidents as the mainstream media presented them in the past are in almost all cases not only validated but in general do involve shooting of a person, who’s criminal record made the shooting death not an if, but a WHEN.

DNC and black mothers..

Unfortunately I am very suspicious and would like to say that once these three mothers have done duty, they will be under the bus if needed. But in any case, why are they up there.. from the Daily Beast.

Seven black women whose children have been killed by gun violence or in police custody took the stage at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night to endorse Hillary Clinton and the Black Lives Matter movement. The women, known as the Mothers of the Movement included Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner; Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother; Maria Hamilton, Dontré Hamilton’s mother; Lucia McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis; Lezley McSpadden, Michael Brown’s mother; Cleopatra Pendlton-Cowley, Hadiya Pendleton’s mother; and Geneva Reed-Veal, the mother of Sandra Bland.

Let’s see..

Eric Garner.. died of a heart attack on the way to hospital. While the handling of this case was not ideal, the history of Eric warranted the action to arrest. And while the outcome was bad, the actual arrest followed all lawful procedures.

Trayvon Martin.. Enough linked and typed.. Give me a break!

Dontre Hamilton.. was schizophrenic and the events just preceding the encounter did add to the situation. All in all the closest to a bad police-(skill) display.

Jordan Davis.. was shot by a stupid asshole, who’s in prison for it.

Michael Brown.. tried to snatch a gun from a policeman while high and after a theft-assault event, didn’t listen to commands while a gun was pointed at him and attacked said policeman (presumably to attempt a gun grab again?).  Give me a break!

Hadiya Pendelton.. was a victim of gang violence. The two youngsters of the gang were in and out of prison.. and hopefully are in for good now.

Sandra Bland.. was arrested and in holding cell because nobody came to pay the bond. She committed suicide.

None of these mothers deserve the loss, but none of them should have any voice in a movement, that aims to hype police violence (without facts). That the DNC invites such showboating is a sign how badly the divide and conquer mentality is needed and has permeated culture in the US.


“Safe Spaces” is the new word for Segregation

“Black :Lifes Matter” actually wants to only address people of color.. that is black color.. Plenty of incidents where they asked Caucasians to leave, not attend or – at the minimum – stand at the back. But the cream, the icing on the cake is when political-correctness drives institutions to do the dirty work of BLM:

Coming this fall, segregated housing for students of color will also be on tap. The Berkeley Student Cooperative is debuting a “Person of Color Theme House.” It’s been billed as “the best way to meet the needs of students of color and low income students’ needs.”

And the University of Connecticut is rolling out a wing inside a new dorm building dedicated to housing black males. UConn administrators have downplayed the segregation aspect of the wing, emphasizing the new building will house students from all races, and the black males area will only take up a portion of one floor.

How anyone can play along with is stunning.. is history no longer taught?



Black lives matter ?

Well, as a physicist, I’d see that with a Prism – white light breaks into colours  .. actually black as such is not in there.. but for this we just assume that very dark colors on the violet end are black.. Prism light 2

so if one says “WHITE lives matter”, that would encompass “All lives matter”.

Now for real, there is ample evidence that police actually has a greater restraint in shooting blacks compared to other races.. especially given the amount of incidences they have where the person is actually acting against the police in a potentially deadly fashion.

All lifes matter? If the black is blue we really should look at the departments racial make up (in itself a racist activity, but let’s play along).  And surprise surprise, almost all departments in that list have more white police, but guess what, Asians are totally under-represented..   But that is rather a reflection of economics than it is race-related..why would nobody tell.

So clearly there is a shooting bias, right? Well, actually not. Not only is there an active drive in the police to avoid such bias and research is already aimed at analyzing if and how, but training in the blue force results in existing bias to be clearly negated in shooting situations. More recent research from Harvard reinforces that racial bias is not there, or if then goes against whites..

Regarding the deadlines of the encounter, here’s a graph from Mother Jones magazine (as left politically as it goes..)


I.e. that means whites are almost never shooting at police….

On top of it.. police and community are slower to pull the trigger on black people..

Clearly, the BLM movement builds it’s message on a public perception, which is fostered and promoted by the media.. but why? Don’t be a mis-informed lemming, but rather understand the real statistics and look behind the obvious..

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Study shows whites most likely to be shot by police..

Harvard Study summary

Right on the money , the police seems to actually be more restraint when confronting black people with deadly force – from a Harvard study -from the abstract:

On the most extreme use of force – officer involved shootings – we find no racial differences in either the raw data or when contextual
factors are taken into account.

.. now waiting for the MSM to pick this up and run with it..

The New York Times published about it. ..Legal Insurrection has picked the story up..

Kind of confirms the impression I have that every media-picked case of “unjust shot black youth” is on it’s facts actually a legal shot..