A summary of why the president should be placed in prison..

• He threw cold water on an uprising against the regime (1) in 2009, in stark contrast to his avid support for the revolution in a neighboring state (2) that replaced  an U.S. ally (3) with our vehement enemy the Muslim Brotherhood.

• He illegally sent the extremist muslims pallets of cash as a reward for kidnapping Americans.

• His nuclear deal with (1)  was a farce that freed up $150 billion for (1) to spend on its terror war against the West. It didn’t do squiddly-didts to capabilities of (1) to pursue ballistic rocket technology further nor did it in the least delay or stop the nuclear capabilities – if – it did accelerate them..

• He allowed the terror group Hezbollah to smuggle cocaine into the USA at the request of (1)    The total of US- citizens directly harmed just by this action by his policies goes by now surely in the thousands..

• While brazenly lying to the public about it, he tried to get U.S. banks to launder money for (1) in violation of sanctions.

• His administration secretly assured European countries that there would be no consequences if they violated sanctions too.

Robert Spencer is correct when he writes, “In a sane political environment, the 44th president would be tried for treason.” After all, Iran has been at war with the USA since 1979; this war has claimed numerous American casualties through the years.  The admission that Iran facilitated 9/11 provides context for Barack Obama’s pandering to America’s most vociferous enemy, which he took to perfidious extremes.   Now Iranian officials admit that Iran facilitated 9/11 by assisting al Qaeda.  The 9/11 Commission had already concluded that Iran helped bring about the deadliest terror attack in U.S. history.

(1) Iran  (2) Egypt  (3) Hosni Mubarak

Hat-tip to Moonbattery.com


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