What does (it) matter?

A line by now famous, the “what does it matter” should be applied to the many facets of ignoring the facts for “trumping” up phony stories.. (sorry, but could not resist..). Here are some random examples.. lot of links to read..

The Libertarian party is gonewelcome to the Democrats’ plantation. Almost all the principles the Libertarians were standing for are gone, too..

Gaffes are more important than actual facts or plans.. for the Libertarian party, for the Democrats, and for the Republicans.

Despite having had eight years of war mongering, destabilization of the Middle East and empowering the opponents of the US by the current administration, the inadept war hawk president wanabe Hillary is not called to it.. the Libyans could comment,.. or the Syrians, or the Israelis, … or just wiki…

the aftermath of the world-wide “Great Recession” of 2008 and the ensuing Eurozone crisis; the P5+1 dialogue with Iran; the widespread Arab Spring protests that toppled numerous governments in the Middle East and precipitated civil wars in Libya and Syria; the opening of new fronts in the “War on Terror” such as Mali and Yemen, and the growing and controversial role of drone aircraft in the conflict; attempts to negotiate free trade agreements in the Trans-Pacific and Transatlantic areas; the mass unauthorized publication of classified documents by WikiLeaks, as well as Edward Snowden‘s revelations of extensive government surveillance; the Russian invasion of Ukraine; and the return of US Forces to Iraq.

All this mess not her fault, or the presidents.. can’t be!

Tax-returns are “trumping” – see, I did it again..- 1000s of classified e-mails, which are read by 5 foreign governments and have been confidential – and department policies and laws were purposely violated.. but let’s attack the publisher (wikileaks) rather than the creator of these circumstances..

Violence from the right.. while we now find that violence is incited from the left, by agitators (see you tube) and most damage reported is to right leaning people (by left leaning “protestors”) – go to BING and search..






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