2 years ago a lie was born..

A 6ft 4 inch teen stole cigars in a shop, assaulted the shop keeper when challenged and walked away. A police officer unknowingly observed the thug and his friend walking down the street hindering traffic and asked them to move to the side. Realizing that he has a potential suspect from a robbery 20 minutes ago, he stopped the tall teen, who then proceeded to grab into the police car, beating the officer with one hand and grabbing the officers side arm with the other hand. During the almost minute long struggle two shots are fired into the car, the teen lets finally go and runs from the car, the officer (doing his job despite the beating he received) exits the car and runs behind, threatening to shoot. The teen turns, challenges the officer verbally and charges – shots are fired but this time aimed. The teen stops, charges again and the officer shoots again.

By all records the officer not only did the right thing at any time, but as well showed restraint, since one shots till the treat stops, i.e. the officer shot when first charged and stopped when the teen stopped. He shot again when the teen charged again and stopped when the aggressor went down.

But what do the media have to say on the two year anniversary of this event..


Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was shot and killed by a police officer two years ago

While there are questionable police shootings, the highly hyped incidents as the mainstream media presented them in the past are in almost all cases not only validated but in general do involve shooting of a person, who’s criminal record made the shooting death not an if, but a WHEN.


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