“Safe Spaces” is the new word for Segregation

“Black :Lifes Matter” actually wants to only address people of color.. that is black color.. Plenty of incidents where they asked Caucasians to leave, not attend or – at the minimum – stand at the back. But the cream, the icing on the cake is when political-correctness drives institutions to do the dirty work of BLM:

Coming this fall, segregated housing for students of color will also be on tap. The Berkeley Student Cooperative is debuting a “Person of Color Theme House.” It’s been billed as “the best way to meet the needs of students of color and low income students’ needs.”

And the University of Connecticut is rolling out a wing inside a new dorm building dedicated to housing black males. UConn administrators have downplayed the segregation aspect of the wing, emphasizing the new building will house students from all races, and the black males area will only take up a portion of one floor.

How anyone can play along with is stunning.. is history no longer taught?




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