Black lives matter ?

Well, as a physicist, I’d see that with a Prism – white light breaks into colours  .. actually black as such is not in there.. but for this we just assume that very dark colors on the violet end are black.. Prism light 2

so if one says “WHITE lives matter”, that would encompass “All lives matter”.

Now for real, there is ample evidence that police actually has a greater restraint in shooting blacks compared to other races.. especially given the amount of incidences they have where the person is actually acting against the police in a potentially deadly fashion.

All lifes matter? If the black is blue we really should look at the departments racial make up (in itself a racist activity, but let’s play along).  And surprise surprise, almost all departments in that list have more white police, but guess what, Asians are totally under-represented..   But that is rather a reflection of economics than it is race-related..why would nobody tell.

So clearly there is a shooting bias, right? Well, actually not. Not only is there an active drive in the police to avoid such bias and research is already aimed at analyzing if and how, but training in the blue force results in existing bias to be clearly negated in shooting situations. More recent research from Harvard reinforces that racial bias is not there, or if then goes against whites..

Regarding the deadlines of the encounter, here’s a graph from Mother Jones magazine (as left politically as it goes..)


I.e. that means whites are almost never shooting at police….

On top of it.. police and community are slower to pull the trigger on black people..

Clearly, the BLM movement builds it’s message on a public perception, which is fostered and promoted by the media.. but why? Don’t be a mis-informed lemming, but rather understand the real statistics and look behind the obvious..

Image result for all life matter


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