Turkey – a “puppet show” coup attempt, not a serious revolution..

Just a thought for all that you read about the Turkish revolution right now.. the democratic ballot box has placed a dictator like person in charge of a secular oriented country. Sadly this event can and should not be changed by other means, regardless of how bad it goes. But here’s some thought about what really went down..

Search for who benefits from the action and you have only two solutions to this debacle:

  • Some dilettantes were way over their skill level (and that seems strange given that highest echelon military people do have recent experience how to stage a coup successfully..)
  • Some very skilled player ran out of legal options to destruct a secular democracy and needed a reason.. (a way more interesting and – looking at the future results – realistic solution).

Turkey is for quite a while already a visible example how an electorate can vote in people who then actively destroy and defunct the functioning elements of the democratic state, creating a religiously-leaning state structure. Watch the news for who will be jailed, where will political opposition groups end and what further political leanings will Turkey take (hint: they already seem to try and disable the ISIS bombing runs from the local US – bases).

To quote a retired US general William Fallon:

a tremendous dilemma for the [Obama] administration because here we go again with another country that has an elected president being tossed out by the military, no matter that he has become increasingly autocratic and problematic.




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