Anything will do… in France it was a truck

The French have suffered another horrific attack. 77 people dead, up to 100 injured. More might follow once details are known, but I am not posting pictures. You probably will find these anywhere on the net. But I would like to point out some details:

  • The attack was conducted using a low velocity, high weight “bullet” – a truck (unarmored!)
  • Nobody can do anything against a truck other than run out of the way.
  • But there are cases where truck-attacks were stopped by a high velocity, low weight “bullet”.. for example here. Or in Israel, where citizen carry stopped the attack of a bulldozer on a bus.. or similarly here.
  • Crowded places with little escape routes are preferred targets..
  • Creativity and simplicity are a hallmark of these attacks.

Please, if you have to go into crowded places, be aware of your surroundings.



84 people died. My condolences to all affected.


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