Rhetoric and symbolic action by leaders matters

Ben Shapiro hits it on the nail and since I can not express it better here’s the link and the most important quote:

Is Barack Obama responsible for Dallas police shooting?

he did do three things that are particularly despicable:

  1. He denied that murder charges require evidence;
  2. He denied that charges of racism require evidence;
  3. He ignored the actual cause of anti-cop violence.

Obama didn’t cause the Orlando shooting attack, but his failure to label it Islamic jihadism surely stopped America from fighting it properly. Obama didn’t cause the Dallas shootings, but his attempts to turn the conversation toward gun control or police brutality are just another way to avoid a real conversation

This started actually as early as 2009 with the “beer summit” where his remarks undermined good police work with rash-hasty and racist statements, just to then have to backpedal.. something he recently doesn’t do anymore since his “race-wedge” has lodged deeply in society.



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