Inconvenient Truth – Buried by the media

All hail the media narrative, while – scary enough – the real bad guys actually learn and change due to attacks such as Orlando and the media fall out. I am quoting directly from the AQ magazine (1nsp1re) published after Orlando on the 17th of June, 2016.

We will try, basing on the details of this blessed operation, mention its advantages, place some observations, directions and give advice that will benefit the Lone Mujahid in future operations:

I only grab the most relevant points out for the individual in the US, adding my conclusion to it:

The number of those killed in the operation was high compared to other Lone Jihad operations. And perhaps the most important reason for this was the location of the operation. It was a closed area and thus making it very easy to chase and hunt the targets.

Ergo, know your location, know exits, know your ability to lay ambush and wait if you can’t escape.

Another reason was the timing and the state of those targeted. It was late during the night and those present in the nightclub were drunk.

Bad things are planned to happen at the most inopportune moment. Behave accordingly.

A third reason was that the Lone Mujahid was well trained in handling firearms;

Train, train, train… albeit personally I am not so sure about the training level in Orlando, much more so about the training level in Houston (another analysis waiting).

The executer specifically chose a homosexual nightclub, and even though the killing of such people is the most binding duty and closer to human nature, but better than this is to avoid targeting areas where minorities are found. This is in order not to deviate the essence of the operation and letting it be termed as a small issue as the American media is trying to portray in the case of Mateen. The Western media focused on the testimony by Mateen›s father who said that his son hates homosexuals and that terrorist ideas had no place in his motives. The media reiterated this, saying that Umar saw some homosexuals kissing each other and that such a scene offended him. The media tried to portray the operation motives to be against a particular group of people in order to turn the American public away from the real motives of the operation….
…Therefore we advise targeting areas where the Anglo-Saxon community is generally concentrated. This class of the American community is the majority….

So many things in this one paragraph..
– Note how where the real drive and danger for LGBT people is? AQ as well as IS are driven by the thought of decimating the “other” in their population.
– Note how annoying it is that the Us-media have ignored the real motivation and turned the discussion towards a pc topic.
– Note how their advice changed accordingly, asking to target the majority of white folks (only to later then do the “most binding” duty..).

It is true that we call to the use of means readily available just as the Mujahid Umar Mateen did. Except that he was in a position to make simple explosive devices….

And herein lies the simple truth.. any means will do and actually the best defense for an active shooter is a firearm.. but the best defense against a bomb??




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